We are a family of four, currently on a five month journey around the world.

When we got married in 2014, neither of us expected our life to be what it is now. In the first couple of years of our marriage, we have travelled to nine countries. During our first pregnancy, we went on a seven week trip and had some unforgettable experiences across Africa, Middle East and Europe. Our love for travelling continued to grow and we haven’t stopped since. So far, we have covered close to fifty countries.

The purpose of our website is to document our travels as a Muslim family, trying to travel on a reasonable budget, while holding down a stable job. We do not travel full time and we understand that it is not a possibility for many families. But we want to showcase what we do as it might be helpful information for others wanting to do the same.

Here’s a little bit about each of us:

Mohammad – The mastermind of our travels. His passion is to find the most efficient and budget friendly way to travel. He is the one who researches into and manages credit cards and points, books our flights and stays. If it paid enough he would do this for a living.

Lamia – Mum of two, a primary school teacher and homeschooler. I am going to do the bulk of the writing here. I take my travels one day at a time and soak in all the experiences I can get. My philosophy is – raising kids is the same whether it is at home or on a camp in Kyrgistan – so why not choose the latter if given the opportunity. I currently tutor online.

Maryam – The eldest, 6 years old, being homeschooled on the go. She loves swimming, playing with her little sister and editing photos on her parents’ phones. She might be our future instagram manager.

Asiyah – The baby of the family, 3 years old (She likes to remind everyone that she is nearly 4). She is an incredibly strong girl as she is battling chronic eczema, but is mostly happy when not tired or itchy.